FLIP365 Newsletter (4). A week in the life of a contrarian psychiatrist

What a week in the life of a contrarian psychiatrist!

Now, hop-skipping to work.


1). Began on Sunday by  meeting outdoors with good friends, Mientjie and Morne Van Der Merwe at the Mindfulness Area (Huddle).

Both are senior professionals in Johannesburg and own properties at Walkersons Estate, outside Dullstroom.

Also, blessed with their beautiful adjacent game farm, full of healthy, fertile animals, a river running through, trees, magnificent views of the Low-veld, and walking trails.

Mientjie and Morne dream to build an executive Retreat on the estate; for adventures in wellness.

My role is to implement a scientific based outdoor curriculum, emerging out of my life long stress/burnout research and brain health interventions.

We have settled on initial weekend retreats from Friday afternoon to mid-morning Monday. The first begins on Friday 12th October.

Maximum 12 participants per group, with opportunities for long silent strolls/walks up to four hours at a stretch.

Opening all your senses (read: multipotential brain neuronal networks) to nature.


2). Then this Monday the Discovery Group appointed me their Brain Health Consultant.

The first project is the Young Doctors Program, aimed at improving the lives (in multi-dimensions) and Resilience from first years and Doctors until age 35.

It is a wonderful entry point to introduce the online teaching program about Building Resilience.

This program is a first in the world!

I am honored, and admittedly a bit nervous, but that low edge anxiety is the essence of all adventures.

Looking forward to the challenge, the effort required to stretch to the edge of my comfort zone, lessons to be learnt, and open to feedback.

Dr Sule Burger is the dynamic driver of this needed project.

Discovery are brilliant at incentivizing the desired behavior.


3). Huddle Park is looking better and better.

All of the seven ponds can now be circumvented by walking around each of its perimeter.

Next to Huddle Bridge, we have installed a deck, where you can stand sit or recline and watch the weavers weave, or the wind in the willows, or the sun setting.

Early spring is here as new growth of leaves are clearly evident.

Huddle is my place of refuge, but also a training ground for future guides of the Mindfulness in the Park events.

The pond at Huddle Bridge will be called Walden Pond, made famous by the works of Henry David Thoreau, who took years off from his life to live in a simple hut, a simple. His writings are profound on the magnificence of Nature on the human psyche.

Jason Bagg is the overall groundskeeper at Huddle, starting to have long chats under forest canopy, and we share a sensitivity to natural ecosystems.

A healthy sustainable green lung in an urban setting available to the public is our strategic vision.


4). On Tuesday evening, Shirra and I attended the annual Albertina Sisulu lecture at Wits Faculty of Health Sciences.

The speaker, Thuli Madonsela, was inspiring and insightful.

My overall feeling was here in front of us, a few meters away, speaking for 90 minutes, was a woman representing the very best that South Africa can offer.

Her moral compass is so clearly pointing in the right direction, where so many of the leaders in government and business have lost their own moral compass (presumably that they ever had one).

My take home message: always ask oneself: what is the right thing to in this situation.

That what (personal) leadership is all about. Management is doing things right.

Keep thinking whether the Thuli’s of the world are born or bred?

Dr Jonathan D Moch

Mindfulness in the Park. Sundays 90 minutes before dusk (August 4:15pm)

Chief Operating Officer, Samantha Bole.

Online teaching platform.
Building Resilience in the Digital Age

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