FLIP365 Newsletter (2) A Week in the Life of a Contrarian Psychiatrist.

A busy week, no doubt the exploration and discovery of another pond at Huddle Park, being the central highlight. Completely overgrown with bush, trees, reeds, grass. This week is going to be a massive cleanup. Then I will begin to unfold walking-talk therapy at this beautiful site  Рfor both individuals and small groups.

Monday 16th July

Book of the week.

Resilient (Find your inner strength). By Rick Hanson.

Rick Hanson, author of Hardwiring Happiness, writes about how to build a strong foundation by harnessing the power of positive experiences to create a solid core. Twelve practical strategies.


Tuesday 17th July
Talk of the week.

A brilliant lecture that covers geopolitical tensions, current events, and a will to do good.

WATCH: Barack Obama delivers the annual Nelson Mandela lecture in Johann…

Wednesday 18th July
Science of the week.

The kind of science that talks to me. How immersion in nature changes specific brain regions, spotted by functional magnetic resonant imaging (fMRI).


Thursday 19th July
Idea of the week

A series of ted.com talks that will help  give permission to yourself to unplug from the technological grid, and connect to all things natural.

Copy and paste for more.



Friday 20th July
Connection of the week

Met with Jeffrey, a professional tree feller, who will help clear the seven ponds at Huddle Park. It will become a world class site for teaching and training Mindfulness in the Park events.

Volunteers always welcome.

Mindfully yours,

Dr Jonathan D Moch
Contrarian Psychiatrist
Special Expertise In Optimizing Brain Health

Mindfulness in the Park. Sundays 90 minutes before dusk (July 4:15pm)