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I really like this idea. Not only the idea of resting Ala Arianna Huffington (her book Sleep Revolution was really not that great in my opinion but maybe I was expecting an academic text), but the idea that resting can be an active engagement of a ‎different way of being – tapping into different neurocircuits and breaking from the monotony of the tasks that drain us. It is an interesting paradox that one can rest by being active.

And that in some ways rest should, whilst one is learning to rest well, involve an active intention.

It never ceases to amaze me how we know exactly how to raise children – we know that they need to eat well and regularly, that they need to rest (in the sense of having a nap, and that they need to rest from activities), that they need to play, and that they need to be active. But as soon as we become adults we forget that these things are beneficial, so we eat one meal a day, cut back on rest, don’t play and live sedentary lives. Then moan when we are not well. Adult human beings are a genius species.

Thank you for the Brain food:)

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