Intimate Relationships. Sometimes You Just Need To Take A Break

If you have been in a committed relationship for long enough, you know that fights are inevitable.

And that is okay. Every couple fights.

But sometimes those conflicts can be emotionally and physically draining.

Anger and other difficult emotions can push us into physiologically heightened states: heart racing, quick breathing, fight-or-flight mode…

…and that’s when it’s time to call a timeout.

Tell your partner that you need a break and walk away from the conflict.

Do something alone that distracts and soothes you for at least twenty minutes.

It does not matter what that is—taking a walk, reading a book or magazine—whatever helps to calm you down.

Taking a break is one of the best tricks that successful couples use to manage conflict in a healthy and productive way.

It allows you to de-escalate the conflict and prevent a regrettable incident.

Once you feel calm, you can approach your partner again and resume your discussion with a soft start-up.

Love Smarter by Learning When to Take a Break

Published by

Jonathan Moch

Psychiatrist. Group facilitator Founder and Director: Flip356 products Instructor: Online teaching platform Building Resilience in the Digital Age