FLIP365 Weekly Newsletter (1). A week in the life of a contrarian psychiatrist.

Another exciting, reflective week in the life of a contrarian psychiatrist.

Sunday 15th I was invited to address a large audience of semi-retirees, known as Second Innings. My talk centered around the Seven Adventures in Wellness. My ad was to invite volunteers to help develop parts of Huddle Park into world class natural settings to Detox from screens and plugin into the healing powers of silence, stillness, and mindfulness. Well organized event. A number over age 90 years, asking good questions. Also the entire talk was filmed so soon will be available on YouTube.

On the morning of Friday 13th July, Sandra and her father, Wendell Bole hosted me at Thaba Trails in Mulbarton on the southern border of Johannesburg. There are beautiful well-maintained walking paths and forests to explore. Another site for Mindfulness in the Park events. Wendell is a keen designer and builder of walking and cycling tracks. My role is to find sites; his is to build the necessary tracks; and Samantha will drive the operating side of the venture. Already Samantha has created a website domain. www.mindfulnessinthe park.co.za Go check out the trails – walk or cycle.

Thursday 12th July was spent cleaning out more of the Mindfulness area at Huddle Park. I have decided to sponsor a private firm to remove trees that have fallen into the main pond (full permission by Huddle Park management). This will allow for better aesthetics and flow of the water as it cascades down through the seven ponds; and attract different bird species. Although the weather last Sunday was cold, blustery and a bit wet, it was a magnificent setting for walking silently and sitting under the forest canopy, and listening, with eyes closed, to at least six different bird songs. Join us on Sundays 90 minutes  before dusk. (Jan Coetzer is driving the Whats App Mindfulness in the Park group.)

Wednesday 11th July was a day filled with searching for articles, links, books or videos about two key writers about nature and health: the contemplative Henry David Thoreau of Walden Pond fame, and the Scot, John Muir, who was instrumental in finding and protecting wilderness areas in the USA. My takeaway message is that Nature asks for nothing, but gives everything.

Tuesday 10th July, after morning groups, allowed me free-time to spend walking, slowly and silently, and pausing often along the green and blue trails at Huddle Park. From 3:30pm to dusk, with a few dog walkers and cyclists dotting the landscape. The paths are in good shape, as are the bridges and signage. Special treats are the paths through forests, where the light dims considerably, but the leaves underfoot squel with delight as you trample through their winter ground cover population.

Monday 11th July allowed me to digest my dream of creating free Mindfulness in the Park events throughout the nation. Similar to the popular weekly Park Run concept. Inspired by the idea that what you aim at, determines what opportunities you see. A one pager is available as a PDF. Send me an email if would like a copy.


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