(19). What’s App Group – Mindfulness in the Park

Jan Coetzer has kindly taken on the admin of a Whats App group for the Mindfulness in the Park events. The idea is to remind people of times, news, special classes, formation of a  community of like minded people ….

The long term objective of FLIP365 is to roll out Mindfulness in the Park classes throughout the country. Similar to the Park Run phenomena where runners/walkers cover 5kms. Every Saturday morning at 8am. It is free, and organized by volunteers. Over 80,000 runners/walkers so far. (Can google, Park Run.)

Remember that, currently, Mindfulness in the Park sessions are held on Sundays 4:15pm at Huddle Park, Linksfield, Johanessburg. Please forward this blog to your data base. You never know who will benefit deeply from connecting mindfully to nature.

So please send me your full name and what’s app number. I will forward the info to Jan. Go to Contact Dr Moch in main menu. Or



… Sunday session was AWESOME…..

… beautiful, safe, quiet, natural settings. Did not know it existed in Johannesburg…

…. I loved it. Count me in for every Sunday …

… earth, wind, fire, water! Enjoyed every minute …

…. a MultiSensory delight…..



(7). A Modern Miracle? FLIP365 Internet Connections.

Whew! What a whirlwind year. Exciting. Effortful. Challenging.

Predominantly 1). The great adventures of researching, self-exploring and learning about lifestyles that improve decision-making, physical health, and quality of LIFE (the why?); and

2). How to use technology and the internet to reach and teach millions of people these principles and practices: rapidly, at low cost, and easily scalable.

Let me explain. When I qualified as a psychiatrist in 1990, there was no internet and no cell phones. Only land lines and fax machines.

About ten years ago, the only internet connection for me via personal computer or laptop, were email, SMS, and the Google search engine. No IPad, No Smartphone. No online teaching program.

Now, in 2018, the dominant FLIP365 product – Building Resilience in the Digital Age – has 12 (twelve!!) unique activated ways to connect to anyone on the planet, that has internet connection capability.

In brief:

1). Website (www.flip365.co.za)

2). Mobile App (FLIP365)

3). Newsletter subscription service (at bottom of www.flip365.co.za blogs or front page)

4). Online teaching platform (FLIP365.teachable.com)

5). Email (jonathandmoch@gmail.com)

6). Online payment service (end enrollment form FLIP365.teachable.com)

7). Twitter feeds @JonathanDMoch1

8). LinkedIn posts (search Jonathan Moch)

9). Facebook private/secretgroups (search Jonathan Moch)

10). Podcasts (anchor.fm) (search Jonathan Moch)

11). You Tube Playlist (search Jonathan Moch playlist)

12). SMS/What’s App (078 439 8889)

(Can add Skype, Webinars, and Zoom meetings)

Practically, I now meet my mission (set 7 years ago) of working anywhere in the world, even as an astronaut at the International Space Station (Dream on!) Can sit at any coffee shop, office, garden, on a ship or an airplane. Anywhere! Anytime! Teaching anyone, from the Artic circle to the Antantartic, and every place in between. Ie. the globe.

My core belief is clear: everyone, if they want to, can improve and optimize their brain health, and those in their circle of influence;  adding quality to their lives, exponentially.

My focus is absolutely refined: life long learning and teaching lifestyle choices that optimize brain health.

My effort and challenge going forward: to partner with visionaries (from individuals to multinationals). to help actualize the vision: BRAIN HEALTH FOR ALL.

Already this is happening.

Dr Jonathan Moch


Focussed Interest in Optimizing Brain Health)

YouTube Playlist Link. Dr Jonathan Moch

The Young Doctors Discovery Summit

There is a high prevalence of  burnout and depression in young doctors in training. This leads to unintended consequences: failure, errors, drop out from studies or practice. Massive costs to taxpayers.

Discovery Health is rolling out a program to try reverse this tide.

On Sunday 15th April I presented my model of Building Resilience.

The main thread running through my 2 hour presentation was the evidence-based FLIP365 Prescription, The Seven Adventures in Wellness.

Afterwards, the SADAG Panel facilitated a discussion on practical ways for Young Doctors to recognize depression in themselves and colleagues. I enjoyed this contribution, finishing off the discussion with one of favorite aphorisms, from Mahatma Ghandi – BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT.

What is cool is that all fifty participants from around the country received a hard copy of my book, sponsored by Discovery. Nice validation of its contents.

Also, a twitter chat of some of my comments.

My twitter handle is @JonathanMoch1

Also on Facebook and linkedIn

The Seven Adventures In Wellness

In my new book The Seven Adventures In Wellness, I guide you along a journey to optimize your health and well-being.

The content is sourced from the best health research centers on the planet (plus over forty years studying the brain).

My free website and mobile app contain curated posts of the leading authors and innovative ideas about how to live fully, not just surviving; and additional up to date notes of the contents of the book.

Do you want to?


1) Sleep at least seven hours every night
2) Daily brisk walking (20 minutes) or aerobic equivalent
3) Eat real food. Green carbs. Mainly non-starchy veggies . Moderate protein. Healthy fats. Water. Not too much.
4) Everyday, in many ways, challenge your brain.
5) Relaxation response (10-20 minutes)
6) Make daily space for friendships
7) One hour of digital detox for stillness experiences and mindfulness practices

Everyday X Seven Weeks X Seven Repetitions, Forever


Dr Jonathan D Moch

Special Expertise In Optimal Brain Health and Building Resilience

The Seven Adventures of Wellness (How To Live Well)

Postnet Long Avenue, Glenhazel, Johannesburg

glenhazel@postnet.co.za (for bulk orders or to courier)

R300.00 all inclusive of 15% Vat.

Website www.flip365.co.za
Free Mobile App Available at Google or Apple Store. Title FLIP365

Daily Blog. Publication of my book. The Seven Adventures in Wellness.

Today I start writing a blog for the FLIP365 website and mobile app. For yesterday I completed my book, The Seven Adventures in Wellness.

Although it needs tweaking around typos, and remains a work in progress, it is now available for the public.

The thread that runs through the book is the FLIP365 Resilience Prescription. Seven areas of your lifestyle that can improve your brain health, physical health, relationships, boost energy and live really well.

Tiny daily changes in each wellness behavior all adds up and after a few weeks you will notice changes. It is a prescription for the rest of your life. Imagine yourself as a continual work in progress! Lightens the load, paradoxically.

Want a copy?

Alan and Enhle at Postnet, Long Avenue, Glenhazel, will print the book on demand. Payment is at the counter. (R300 a copy).

This is a cool idea as any changes in the content, and there will certainly will be, are updated in the next PDF I send to them. So no holding stock. If anyone wants to purchase a book from afar, it can be couriered anywhere in South Africa as there are over 350 PostNet’s countrywide. On arrival at the local Postnet an SMS is sent immediately to the purchaser.

(Also can email them glenhazel@postnet.co.za)

Already one client has ordered fifty copies for a nationwide workshop, where I am honored to present, in a two hour keynote slot, the principles and practices of building resilience.

I am excited about the completion of the (work) book – The Seven Adventures in Wellness – as it synergizes well with the mobile app FLIP365 and website www.flip365.co.za. Daily posts are delivered into one of the seven adventures Eg a post on depression and diet in the Eat Real Food category.

So there is ongoing updating of interesting ideas to build your knowledge in each of the specific adventures. Already there are 302 posts since commencing the app in July 2017.

I am reluctant to publish an ebook, as I want to encourage breaks from screen time as well as allowing the reader to make notes in the margins, and to take ownership of the material. Another vital reason for a non-digital publication, is it can be an adjunct at any of my “live” presentations.

My next goal is to develop a FLIP365 M.O.O.C. (Massive Online Open Course), often linked to a university. It is a modular model, a mix of videos, writings, quizzes, … and can reach a worldwide audience. It is an audacious project! Every participant can use my book as a reference, as I will be teaching content from the Seven Adventures in Wellness.

Afterwards, with a bit of luck, I would love to do a Ted.com presentation. I often insert their videos into the FLIP365 app. Beautifully produced, and limits time length to under 18 minutes.

So it is with my book. Limited to 120 pages and 24,000 words. It is purposefully designed as a A 4 landscape print, with a ring coil bind. So you can easily flip from page to page.

The Seven Adventures in Wellness, in a way, reflects my wonderful journey of over forty years of the brain terrain!


Dr Jonathan D Moch

Mindfulness in the (Huddle) Park

Mindfulness Lite
Sundays 4:30pm
Huddle Park

Mindfulness Lite introduction and adventure at Huddle Park, Club Street, Linksfield Johannesburg.

Covers all weather conditions!

Every Sunday afternoon from 4:30pm until dusk (now about 6:50pm)

We will do silent walks, and come to our senses by bringing awareness to what we can see, hear, smell, touch … in a natural setting.

Park at the AcroBranch area inside Huddle Park. Registration in tent, 50 meters away.

Cost: A donation from R50 upwards is requested. All monies go back to the maintenance of these pristine areas.

Can bring a chair, cushion or mat to sit on. Walking shoes.

Please no electronic devices, at all – includes phones and watches.


Looking forward to meeting to you.

Dr Jonathan D Moch

Psychiatrist focussing on maximizing brain health

Daily posts: WEBSITE: www.flip365.co.za

Free app FLIP365 at Apple or Google stores