About FLIP365


The Flip365 app/website provides daily insights to help you achieve optimal brain health.

The core reference point are the Harvard Medical School Publications – A Guide to Cognitive Fitness and Boosting Energy.

Flip365 is a deliberate attempt to improve decison-making, for the quality of your life is dependent on the quality of your decisions.

In turn, the integrity and health of the frontal lobes of the Brain is the source of all quality decisions.

The daily blogs are channeled into six categories:

1). Sleep (Rest and Power Naps)

2).  Movement (Aerobic, Balance and Strengthening)

3). Eat Real Food Low Carbs (Moderate Proteins, Healthy Fats)

4). Brain Challenges

5). Taking Breaks (Meditation and Mindfulness, Art and Music).

6). Relationships: Outwards, Inwards, and Upwards

7). Digital Detox and Moments of Stillness


Dr Jonathan Moch is available for private consultations, workshops, keynote addresses, press interviews, and much more.

His expertise is on maximizing brain health.

His passion now is about the phenomenon of neuroplasticity – how the brain changes function and form depending on repeated practice, experience and learning.

Throughout life!

He began studying the brain in 1977, and is a scientist, medical practitioner and psychiatrist, published author, radio show host, and international speaker.

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Email (jonathandmoch@gmail.com)