(12). What books are you reading?

One of life’s blessings and pleasures is the ability to read. There is this wonderful channel between the written word and the brain, – the eyes.

These three components – written words, visual tracts, and mental interpretation integrate and synergize perfectly, and is what you are performing right now.

There are so many mediums (screens, books, magazines) to fixate your eyeballs on letters of the alphabet (English, Chinese, Hebrew…), that in combination, make up words, sentences, paragraphs, chapters, books and/or trilogies.

And then your neural networks extract meaning, recollect memories, release a panoply of emotions and can facilitate action.

Interpretive reading is what differentiates us humans from all of the animal worlds; and differentiates a Life Lived Well from a confused, frustrated, suffering one.

Millions of books, billions of blogs are published every year. There is a demand by the public and authors supply that need. No shortage to find your own interests. Focus on yours, and your inner world lights up.

Here are three books that I am currently ┬áreading and reflecting upon it’s contents.

1). Aristotle’s Way by Edith Hall. (A ten chapter series that explores the way the Ancient Greek philosopher understood happiness/ potential/ decision-making/ self-knowledge/ intentions/ communication/ love/ community/ leisure/ and mortality. Bonus: All can be incorporated into the modern life. Just do virtue!)

2). Why We Sleep by Mathew Walker. (A grand overview of his life’s work in the scientific study of the mysteries of sleep, and its importance (7.5 hours a night) for a quality life. Bonus. The new ideas about the health role of dream states.)

3). Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant. (After the sudden death of her husband, Sheryl of Facebook and Lean In fame, teamed with Adam Grant to write about building resilience, bouncing back/forward, and (bonus) founding joy in times of enormous difficulty, grief, loss.

What books or articles, are you reading these days?

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